All My Life is the second studio album by Kuboian recording artist Violet Stars. Unlike her previous album, Who is She?, the album is mostly a compilation of songs Violet featured on, as well as previously unreleased material from 2003 and 2004. The album was released on 2nd September, 2007.


After the release of Who is She?, Violet felt excessive stress to produce another album - the excessive pressure caused her to temporarily "retire" and cancel a United States tour that was scheduled for the summer of 2006. According to her mentor, DJ Kubin, Violet was very unhappy and did not want to record any more material despite feeling that she had to.

In July 2006, with the release of "Dance with Me", it was revealed that Violet would be releasing another album, but would feature "more effort from others than Who is She? had".


Although a total of five singles appear on the album, only two have Violet on lead vocals.

The album's lead single, "Dance with Me", a collaboration with Uroika Mabus and Iroune Ruby, was released on 2nd July, 2006. The song features vocals from Typ Foyard.

The album's second single, "All My Life", was released on 12th August, 2007. The song features vocals from Xayn Forests.

Track listing

  1. "MBG"
  2. "All My Life" (featuring Xayn Forests)
  3. "Cash In"
  4. "Get on Your Feet" (Lars Persson featuring Violet Stars and Typ Foyard)
  5. "Dance with Me" (with Uroika Mabus and Iroune Ruby featuring Typ Foyard)
  6. "One Day" (Episode Two featuring Violet Stars, Ericka Streets, Knowledge Power and Typ Foyard)
  7. "When I Come Out"
  8. "So Not Sorry" (featuring Typ Foyard)
  9. "Best Behaviour"
  10. "Take Control" (Typ Foyard featuring Violet Stars)
  11. "Here Tonight" (Raddy Goodberry featuring Violet Stars)

Deluxe edition bonus tracks

12. "Play With Fire" (Remix) (Iroune Ruby featuring Violet Stars)
13. "Battleships" (Remix) (Louise Keys featuring Violet Stars and New Massachusetts)
14. "All My Life" (Cahill remix) (featuring Xayn Forests)
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