Amanda Behounkova (born December 1, 1972) is an American stage actress and retired gymnast. She is a longtime member of the Renald-Zanni Entertainment troupe, joining in 1994.


Amanda attended Lincoln East High School in Lincoln, Nebraska. She attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa for two years (1991-1992) and was a part of the Sokol organization for several years, participating in several mass games events in the Czech Republic, Romania, and the Korean Peninsula.

In 1994, she was assisting in teaching classes for future Sokol members in New York City when she heard that Renald-Zanni Entertainment and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer were holding auditions for a live stage show based off The Secret of NIMH, and that an actress/actor to perform Jonathan Brisby in the first act was needed for the East Coast touring troupe. She went to Renald-Zanni's then-headquarters in a office park in Rockaway, Queens to audition, and upon getting the role took "a crash course in acting" at the Actors Studio in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan before going on tour in the role of Jonathan Brisby for the East Coast Tour.

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