Amaya Carwardine is the daughter of Christopher R. Carwardine.


As she appeared at the construction site of Lasso back in late 1984 (at age 17)

When she turned 16 in 1983, she was immediately put as a ride op, in 1985, she was the head of operations, she resigned in 1993 and moved to the position of head designer, where she still is today.

Design Portfolio


She has 4 children along with Izumi Suzuki, even though she and all the female children kept her maiden name. forum ban incident

In 2011, a user of the forum called "SchwarzkopfCoasterRider" called Amaya Carwardine "sexy", he got a perminate ban due to the admin thinking it's "sexual harassment", he was finally unbanned after Amaya said on her Facebook "I've seen a lot of YouTube comments, twitter posts, etc. calling me attractive, even though i'm married, i'm fine with being called attractive, it's their opinion, no one should get banned for such a minor incident", after that SchwarzkopfCoasterRider was unbanned, in addition, his account was made so he was still on a streak, making him finally get the Every Day for 5 years badge in 2013.


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