Amileganistan (egyenlősdi) (egalitarisme) is a country in oceania.


Prehistory (157 BC - 1310)

In 157 BC, Danish And Hungarian people were born for a Holocaust survive to Fight a Giant Brown Chameleon. In 1310, If it doesn't stand it, They will drink Potion of Healing to Win.

Dengary (1310- 1946)

In 1310, They have won a fight while A Giant Brown Chameleon doesn't stand a chance. In 1946, Giant Brown Chameleon has been defeated by Amileganistan people while Danish And Hungarian people Submitted Suicide.

Modern day Amileganistan (1946-present)

In 1946, Tiyal Mayers Calhoun Decided to Use Commodore Google. In 1957, The Country El Kadsre Invited a Venture with Amileganistan. In 1962, The Country Amarganistan Invited a Venture with Amileganistan. In 1998, The Country Amileganiatan had a Tallest building in Oceania.

Commodore Google Products

Products of Commodore Google Tried Out Assets, Film, Linux, Music, TV and Video game.

Additional information

In January 11, 1946 1:00:11 AM, Tiyal Mayers Calhoun is First seen in Commodore Google while Amileganistan first debuted in January 11, 1946 1:00:11 AM in Oceania.

Country establishment

Amileganistan is First seen in January 11, 1946 1:00:11 AM when Tiyal Mayers Calhoun and Commodore Google first turned in January 11, 1946 1:00:11 AM. Its Venture Joints are Amarganistan and El Kadsre. The country included Micnora.

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