"The Grego-Amonese Conflict", also known as the "Amonize - Gregoria War" or Conflict. was a long and perilous war between two massive empires, one being the New World Order being controlled by Amonize (Russia) and the another one being the Grand World Order controlled by Gregoria (Normandy and Holland), the two only entered a war because of one disagreement, enslavement of the Indians.

Gregoria, a Gallist Centern country being controled by whites wanted to enslave the Indians because of their culture being completely rot by Islam

Amonize, a Gallist (fondator of Gallism as well)  Centern country controled by Eurasians however, wants to enslave Amerindians instead because of their neglects of the other races.


Before any of this happens, Finland signs a treaty with both Gregoria and Amonize to stay neutral during any conflict mainly involving those two. Pusia and both South and North Katherina stay completely neutral for a while.

Gregoria mass colonized immense parts of the world, from Southern Africa, South Asia and parts of Central Asia, all Southeastern parts of Asia except Laos, Australia, New Zealand, Ex-Dixieland states of America, and even parts of South and Central America, as well as Japan and southern Korea as well as invading it's own allies like Judea for siding with Amonize including the rest of the Centern world.

Amonize, however also wanted to colonize the world, but Gregoria had major disagreements, they wanted to enslave indians because of their culture being rotten by Islam a century ago. They then entered into war. Amonize annexed major parts of the world and Gregoria has invaded the entierty of Europe excluding West Russia and Kaliningrad, Amonize then annexes the USA.

Then, the world world being under Gregorian and Amonese control, Finland then prepares its strategies to attack the two massive empires.

During their last battle, Gregoria then invaded the Kirghiz territories of Amonize. Amonize counter attack and then Finland takes the advantage to invade Gregoria and Amonize, both empires were too busy fighting thus letting Finland march on their capitals with ease as well as China getting back it's independence, the two massive empires notice it and then send their army to fight China and Finland. The final battle begins in Horusalem after the fall of Mathusalem, not only both empires were collapsing, but many revolutions have erupted around the world, until the two empire fall appart marking the end of the Grand World Order, then Pusia and Katherina break their peace treaty between them and the world for the rest of WW3, until another massive conflict breaks after 6 months.

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