Amusement Electronics (アミューズメントエレクトロニクス Amyūzumento Erekutoronikusu?) was a company created as a sub-division of Forcefield in 1980 as a way to create electro-mechanical arcade games. The company later became its own separate corporate entity in 1984 after disputes between publishing rights by Forcefield.

The company was short-lived, as it dissolved in 1998 and its assets were purchased back by Forcefield Entertainment in 2000, with Forcefield now handling electro-mechanical and redemption arcade games manually. All of Amusement Electronics' properties were later sold back to Forcefield later that same year.

On July 18, 2010, Forcefield Entertainment created F-Amusements, and announced that "F-Amusements will continue what Amusement Electronics started; to help consumers and to take entertainment to the next level".Template:Forcefield Jaleco

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