Amy-Elizabeth Phillips (b. 22nd June, 1988), sometimes shortened to Amy-Elizabeth, born Elizabeth Phillips, is a Kuboian television personality, actress and rapper, best known as one of the presenter on KT from 2006 to 2008 and her high-profile television career during the mid-2000s.

Early life

Elizabeth Phillips was born on 22nd June, 1988 in Hausekeep, North Kuboia, where she lived in a Jetkeep with her father, auntie and cousin. Her mother died of a drug overdose when Elizabeth was two years old, causing her father to raise her as a single parent for practically her entire childhood. However, she has cited her auntie as "like a second mum" to her.

Elizabeth never attended school, and suffered from loneliness in her childhood. She claims that she learnt how to read and count by watching preschool and educational television series, and playing games such as Mario Party. During her teenage years, Elizabeth would produce and record music to help her with her depression.


Amy-Elizabeth made her career debut as a co-presenter on The Nick Go Breakfast alongside Blade Holter in January 2006. She also began co-presenting KT in April that year. Allegedly, she had met Holter in late 2005 backstage during a radio show, allowing her to take on the role. She was only seventeen years old at the time.

Personal life

Amy-Elizabeth lived with her father until August 2006, when she moved out in order to make travelling to her work easier.

Amy-Elizabeth welcomed her daughter, Emilia, to the world on 1st November, 2013 - a child she accidentally had with Dan Guseo. Long before Emilia's birth in 2006, Dan had denied rumours that he and Amy-Elizabeth were dating.


During the recording of her debut studio album, Recognise, Amy-Elizabeth supposedly got into a heated argument with the family of Aourine Esthers when she tried using some posthumous vocals from Aourine on one of the tracks, which eventually went unreleased.

Throughout the mid-2000s, rumours began spreading that Amy-Elizabeth was using her role on television and her moderation tools on the KT website to collect information and arrange meet-ups with children - she denied all rumours. Further controversy arose in April 2008 when a ten year-old girl admitted on Bebo that Amy-Elizabeth had invited her to a private online chat room so she could arrange a meet-up for her eleventh birthday. However, Amy-Elizabeth stated that the girl claimed to be a big fan of her music, and just wanted to give her a birthday surprise.

In 2018, Amy-Elizabeth voiced her strong discontent with mumble rap, further stating that "urban artists these days have no talent whatsoever". She faced backlash in the media for criticising XXXTentacion just a few shy days after his death, though Amy-Elizabeth denied knowing about his death at the time, and apologised for her comments.


Studio albums

Title Details Peak chart positions Certifications
  • Released: 3rd June, 2007
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • Label: Oyea Records
1 8 42 7 3 5 70
  • BPI: 2x Platinum
  • KSR: Platinum
  • NVPI: Gold
  • RIAA: Gold
In to Win
  • Released: 2008
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • Label: Oyea Records
1 16 59 11 4 8 81
  • BPI: Platinum
  • KSR: Platinum


Title Details
Whose Time's It Now?
  • Released: 2005
  • Format: Digital download, streaming
  • Label: self-released


Video games

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