Nyami: Man, I'm bored as f**k. I can't do anything but sit around all day.

(Reiana dashes into the living room)

Reiana: Hey, guys! I've got some exciting news for ya! We're going to the Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado! Our names were signed on the GWL invitation list yesterday

Mimi: Pardon me, Reiana, but what is the Great Wolf Lodge?

Reiana: Well, the Great Wolf Lodge is both a hotel and indoor water park. Since it's an indoor water park, it's great for anyone who wants to stay out of the sun or has sun rash.

Nyami:  Anything else?

Reiana:  Other attractions there include the Northern Lights Arcade, MagiQuest, Ten Paw Alley, and even the Howly Wood XD Theater.

Mimi: Are there any water slides?

Reiana: The most popular ones are Howlin' Tornado, Coyote Cannon, Alberta Falls, and River Canyon Run.

Nyami: Are you gonna tell us more?

Reiana: Nope, that's all! (clears throat) So what did you two pack for this trip alongside your swimsuits and spare clothes?

Mimi: Well, we've packed our laptops, our phones, our sleepwear, our cameras and all that jazz.

Reiana: Alright! Let's get going!

Mimi: And where are we going again?

Nyami: To the Great Wolf Lodge, remember?

Mimi: Oh, I get it. But, what about most of our friends that are coming along?

Reiana: Well, most of our friends take the Greyhound Bus. Like us, however, some take their cars.

Mimi: I know what you mean.

Reiana: Well, what are we waiting for? To the Great Wolf Lodge!

Mimi: Race ya!

Nyami: Wait for me!

(Reiana, Mimi and Nyami race out of the house, start their cars and drive off as "Shape of You" starts playing. Meanwhile, the scenes cuts to Haru, Namino, Ruby, Makiko, Maiko, and Makoto, who have already arrived at the Great Wolf Lodge.)

Haru: Alright, guys, we're here. So, what should we do first before we have fun?

Makiko: First, we check in at the reception desk. Then, the porters will carry our luggage, since the team has over 10 members. Finally, after each group has got a room, all we have to do is switch into our swimsuits and we're good to go.

Haru: Sounds like a good idea! Let's check in!

(The 6 girls go in the hotel and walk to the reception desk.)

Haru: Sakura, Namino, Ruby, how about you guys wait for us at the lounge?

Maiko: OK, Haru.

Receptionist: Would you like to check in, ma'am?

Haru: Of course. I have a reservation for six, and a room can hold 5–10 guests each.

Receptionist: Haru Soramachi, eh? I have one reservation. Do you agree with it?

Haru: I sure do.

Receptionist: Alright. Here is your wristband. Oh, and one more thing, it actually acts like a room key. Old-fashioned room keys are an ancient history, as you know.

Haru: Just to tell you, ma'am, we'd like to be staying in our room for 2 days.

Receptionist: 2 days? OK. Enjoy your stay at the Great Wolf Lodge.

(The 6 girls walk to their assigned room, where their luggage are.)

Makiko: All right, now that we're in our room, we just have to change into our swimsuits and we're ready to go.

(The girls change into their swimwear.)

Makiko: OK, now that our swimsuits are on, let's head off to the water park!

(When the girls exit their room and walk to the elevator, Haru pushes a button and they are taken to the entrance of the Bear Track Landing Waterpark. The scene then cuts to the water park itself, where the girls arrive at.)

Haru: Here we are!

Maiko: Is thuh others comin'?

Makiko: They should be here any minute now.

(Reiana, Mimi, and Nyami arrive at the waterpark.)

Makoto: Look, you guys. Here comes Reiana with her best friends, Mimi and Nyami by her side.

Reiana: Hey guys! What's up?

Haru: Hi, Reiana! Glad you came here. Anyways, my name's Haru Soramachi.

Namino: Pleased to meet you, Reiana.

Ruby: Hi, Reiana! Mind if I chat with Mimi and Nyami?

Reiana: Uh, sure. Go ahead. Tell them what you gotta say.

Ruby: Mimi, Nyami, I know that you two and Reiana took us to the Secret Lab to get our voices and personas changed. It was an adventure. I wonder why you did that.

Nyami: Y'know, Reiana got so sick of Namino mistreating and ridiculing Haru, that we had to take them to get tickets to the Secret Lab. Haru, Mitsurugi, Makiko, Maiko, and you got Premium tickets, while Namino got a Standard ticket.

Mimi: But still, Namino's transformation from a b*****y girl to to a cool girl was pretty extreme.

Haru: You're so right. It WAS pretty extreme.

Maiko: Ah couldn't agree with yew more!

Makoto: Me either!

Makiko: Anyway, I wonder where the other guests are.

Reiana: Nice and Mura are at Fort Mackenzie. Pac-Man and his friends at the Slap Tail Pond with the band DG0. Don't worry about the rest.

Makiko: Oh, um, alright.

(The scene then cuts to Pac-Man, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde, Roger, Patra, and Woofa who are at the Slap Tail Pond alongside the DG0 members.)

Pac-Man: Hey guys, I was wondering if we could please go on Howlin' Tornado?

Kazushi: All right, Pac-Man. Just make sure you guys stay with everyone.

Musashi: And don't wet yourselves while you're on the slide.

Mika: Besides, you really tend to do that.

Pac-Man: Okay, I get the point! Less talking, more sliding.

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