Anarchism's Greatest Enemy is a 2003 El Kadsreian-Canadian adventure-action film.


The anarchist and anti-globalization movements have stopped all activity - and have sent out communiques stating they are on the hunt for one man, as a result, INTERPOL are investigating the reasons as to why. A father-and-son duo from Maine with little-to-no police experience find the subject, a retired British political science professor who invented the brand of anarchism that everyone from anarchist and anti-globalization activists to anti-GMO activists to the pro-Palestinian movement have been based off of since the 1960's. He is planning to come out of retirement to publish a paper documenting a newly-discovered fatal flaw with the system; however Peoples' Global Action activist Muhammad Global Citizenship wants him eliminated to keep it secret.


  • John Travolta as Thomas Green, a divorced father from Bangor who is caught up in his son's assistance in a INTERPOL case.
  • Oliver Grainger as Ollie Green, Thomas' son and a self-admitted "hacker detective".
  • Gerald Weekes as Professor Ray Barnhill, the British political science professor who "invented modern-day anarchism"
  • Kareem-Abdul Jabbar as Muhammad Global Citizenship, a Peoples' Global Action leader.
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