Andere (/ˈændɪr/) is a country located in the northern part of North America. The country's land, which lies aside Canada, extends into the Atlantic Ocean.


1912–1944: East and West Andere

East Andere and West Andere were Andere's successors. They existed from 1912 to 1944.

1944–present: Modern Andere

In 1944, modern Andere was formed.


Andere is relatively small, especially because it neighbors Canada. Andere is composed of a total of 3,613 towns, the capital (and largest city) being Marene. It has the second tallest mountain in North America, Mount Challenger (36,000 ft).



The most popular music artists in Andere and Erica Lorendere, Allen Faw, Jupriza, Simpson F. Kasher, and Krystalz.


Andere has two public television channels, which are SBA Television and PBT. The main four commercial free-to-air television channels are Prime, VueTV, Free Network and Universal Channel.

The nation also has two public radio stations: SBA Radio and ANR. Major commercial radio stations include Plus Radio, NewsPlay Andere, and Point Radio.

Andere's film industry is lesser known, but it includes PBT Films, NBCUniversal Cinema, Warner Bros. Andere, and ViacomCBS Cinema.

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