Anderson Bros. Pizza are a Sherbetian rock trio from Sherbet Town, Sherbetia, formed in 1999 by three brothers, David (guitarist and lead singer), Jack (bass), and Louis Anderson (drums), who are also founders of Anderson Pizza Records. They are currently signed to Crown Aria, Polydor, and Anderson Pizza Records. The inspiration for their music originates from punk rock and dance-punk bands like The Ramones, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Bacer, No Doubt, LCD Soundsystem, and others.


Early history and self-titled album (1999-2001)

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David Anderson and his brothers, Jack and Louis formed Anderson Bros. Pizza in 1999 as part of a small Sherbetia Day concert at the Sherbet Town Memorial Park, and in honor of their mother, Lavinia Anderson's career as a rock singer, where a record producer from Polydor's Sherbetian recording studio was watching the performance and later signed the band up to the label, along with them being signed up to Crown Aria, their mother's label by Lavinia. They began recording singles with the label starting off with their debut single, "I Don't Wanna Be (Carefree)", which has become one of the band's signature songs.

After two years of recording singles, the trio released their self-titled debut album in 2001, which features their debut single and three other singles, "Bitchen Sauce", "Shapeshifter", and "What The Freak?".

"Experimental Naming" era (2008-2013)

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In Popular Culture

Ever since the band became successful, they have been mentioned and/or featured multiple times in various media. Here is the following media that has either mentioned or have the band appear in.

American Dad!

In the season 5 debut episode, In Country...Club, Roger tells Hayley to imagine herself at an Anderson Bros. Pizza concert in Shlaukon while two guys have sex with her in a Mama Parsons SUV, trying to explain to her how his night watching Barbra Streisand sing Celine Dion songs on pay-per view television was like.

Dumb Teacher

In the Season 1 episode, Band Tales, which focuses on the band as a plot point, Mr. McNeese was a member of the band once, until he played the guitar too hard and broke the strings during a concert in Toronto, Canada. Afterwards, the band kicks McNeese out, which gave McNeese a hate for the band ever since, until he became a teacher at Greenhill Elementary, when one day, he teaches his students about music and advises them to stay away from talking about the band. then he tells the class his backstory with the band. After school, Logan calls his Sherbetian cousin, Chris, who is a labelmate at Polydor's studio in Sherbetia, to get David, the lead member of the band to come over and talk with McNeese and his class. When David arrives and tells the class all the things McNeese did while he was with the band, McNeese snaps and tells him and the class his full insulting thoughts around him, which calmly angers the class over his opinion. Afterwards, McNeese is seen sitting on his desk in frustration over what he has said, and David, out of guilt, gives him a ticket to the band's upcoming concert at the Greenhill Memorial Stadium. Afterwards, McNeese gives the band another chance and goes to their concert sitting alone in the crowd.


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