Andrew Kayos, EM (香代巣安堵竜 Kayosu Andoryū; born May 7, 1962) is a El Kadsreian actor and politician who served as the Opposition Leader of El Kadsre and the leader of the National Party of El Kadsre since 2015. He is the youngest son of Hiroshi Kayos, who served as the president of East El Kadsre from 1958 to 1968. He has often played his father Hiroshi in films & television, jokingly calling it "political & familial typecasting"


Andrew was born in Capulco to father Hiroshi Kayos, who was the president of East El Kadsre and mother Miku Kayos, who was the first lady of East El Kadsre.

On August 21, 1962, when he was 3 months old, his mother was killed in the Government House in Caelum; MI6 agent Walter Paul was attempting to assassinate Hiroshi Kayos.

Andrew Kayos in 1991

He spent the majority of his childhood and teenage years in the Ikeda Islands after the invasion of East El Kadsre. In 1980, he and his sister Ayaka moved to El Kadsre City.

In 1999, Andrew and his father were awarded the Order of El Kadsre by David Vlokozu.


Jacqui Vlokozu has described Andrew as "a man who's different from his father in several ways but tries to continue his legacy." Unlike his father, Andrew is more supportive of the monarchy; though he does have some republicanist ideas.

Personal Life

Andrew lives in the Kayos EKC Estate in Downwood Park of El Kadsre City, El Kadsre.


"Falun Gong is a cult in denial" speech

Andrew Kayos has spoken out against Falun Gong, saying that "it is so obviously a cult that it's hard to not admit that you don't think the same way about it." He, however, also spoke out against persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese government, saying "you could have just arrested Li Hongzhi and deprogrammed all his followers."



Year Title Role Notes
1983 Ito En Bloodshed Little One
1983 Far From Great Shin
1983 Nova Orbis 2: Return of the Team Miro Hikaru Nakamura
1984 Stars of Ice Kirin
1985 Neo-Shifters: The Beginning Takehiro Nakahara/Atlas::Raan
1987 Bionicle VII: Sea of Darkness MURC security guard Uncredited
1989 Our Friend Power 5 Dalgeun English dub
1990 Neo-Shifters vs. Bionicle Takehiro Nakahara/Atlas::Raan Television movie
1991 Beat The Clock Larry Kishihoto
2002 Vlokozu Hiroshi Kayos
2003 The Last King of Vicnora
2007 Verlammen
2018 Michael Vlokozu: The Story of El Kadsre's Blue Legend

Anime and Western Animation

Year(s) Title Role Notes
1994 Floral Magician Mary Bell Tambourine English dub
1994-1995 Akari Kagamine and the Rainbow Mirror Haruki Nijimoto
1997-1998 Akari and Haruki's Child Haruki Nijimoto
2013-present Lucky Fred Commander El Kadsre English dub
2016-present Countryballs: The Animated Series Puerto Ricoball, East El Kadsreball

Live-action Television

Year(s) Title Role Notes
1985-1988 Neo-Shifters Takehiro Nakahara/Atlas::Raan
1993-1994 Guardian Trappers Rosho Doskes/Greekstar One episode

Video Games

Year Title Role Notes
1996 Akari Kagamine and the Luminous Bricks Haruki Nijimoto
1997 Akari Kagamine and the Stick of Alchemy Haruki Nijimoto
2010 Call of Duty: Black Ops Hiroshi Kayos UEKN version
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