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Ang Ikatlo (lit. The Third) is a regional terrestrial television channel in YinYangia, specifically dedicated to Filipinos living in the country. It was launched in 1971. It airs Filipino diaspora, along with original programming.


Ang Ikatlo was launched on January 1, 1971, as TBC Minority Programming, as the name suggested, it mainly focused on the minority audience. The channel originally broadcast in English and Japanese after the launch. After the large influx of Filipinos immigrated to the Toralaq Republic, it started to broadcast Filipino programming in 1977.

In 1978, TBC Minority Programming was renamed to TBC 3.

On May 7, 1992, TBC ceased all English and Japanese language transmissions in TBC3, and became a Tagalog-only channel.

After TBC's split up in 1999, TBC 3 changed its name to NTVC 3.

With NTVC and VoY's merger in 2006, NTVC 3 was renamed to Ang Ikatlo (lit. The Third), due to the fact that this is the third channel.


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Current Programming

  • Filipinos in Utanga
  • Sky Hunters (Langit Mangangasos)
  • Discovery about the Future (Pagkatuklas tungkol sa Hinaharap)
  • Jockey People (Jockey Tao)
  • Sk8board Scatters! (Isket Lupon Magkahiwa-Hiwalay)

Children's programming

  • Jollitown (2009-present)
  • Fairly Odd Parents [Medyo Odd magulang] (2004-present)
  • Oggy and the Cockroaches [Oggy at ang Ipis] (1999-present)
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai (1998-present)

News Programming

  • YinYang 3 News Pilipino
  • YinYang 3 News Japanese
  • YinYang 3 News Chinese

Foreign Programming (Drama/Soap Opera/Sitcom)

Comedy Shows

  • Prank Calls (1994-Present)
  • Dead Street Jokes (2009-Present)
  • Rahnan! (Barokia) [2009-Present]

Talk Shows

  • Downtown Streets (2003-Present)
  • High Creative Days (2007-Present)

Station IDs