Angelina Waters is a Brazilian television & film writer, animator, actor, voice actor, director, singer, musician, and producer who is the creator of Aria Adventures. She was also the creator of the term Surtoons.

Angelina Waters plays the voices of Aria Szcenholf, Ms. Icey Jr, Existe, among other characters in Surtoons.


Early life

Angelina was born in Rio de Janeiro on July 14, 1986. Her father, Dadio Waters, was American-Brazilian. Her mom was Portuguese-Brazilian. She also had a twin sister named Lilliana Waters. Angelina was homeschooled and read books for school. At age 9, her family went to the United States and took a tour through the Nickelodeon animation studio.

Animation and music career

Angelina first had success in her song "It's The Time" made at the age of 6. Angelina kept on producing songs until she lost her microphone. 5 years later, during 1995, Angelina continues her career and found her microphone. She produced Aria -- THE PLASTIC BAG! at 10 years old. She started making the episode ideas for Lilliana Waters' Existe's Dumbfound World. When the show was discontinued in 1995, she made one more song before going out of the music industry. Angelina began thinking up the idea of Aria the Plastic Bag in 1996. It was later released in theaters in 1997 with help from her family. In 1998, Angelina had plans for a second movie (which later became The Aria Movie.) A animated series based on the movie was supposed to be released along with the sequel. The animated series was later remade into a original series although keeping the main characters (some redesigned). The show was announced in 1999, but not remade until 2000. She later released the first episode of Aria Adventures at age 16.


Her creation of Aria has inspired many shows and characters.

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