AniDaze was a strand on Nick Go! run from 2007-2010, normally on weekend nights.

The strand was similar to Nicktoons Lottery, however it instead featured an episode of a random anime (usually from the Toei Animation library) instead of a Nicktoon episode. The Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Z and the DiC dub of Sailor Moon were frequently played as part of the strand, and later on the El Kadsreian English dub of the 1981 Dr. Slump anime was also frequently played. The El Kadsreian English dubs of Production Reed's Magical Princess Minky Momo and NHK's Ninja Boy Rantaro also aired frequently. Occasionally, episodes of Group TAC and 4Kids' Tama & Friends were played, whenever the series was off the Nick Jr. Kuboia due to special events or marathons of other shows.

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