Video Games

Rating Description Content
K0+ Suitable for young animals aged 0–3. Rarely targeted to infants. Education
K Suitable for animals aged 3–10, however, some games have minor violence. Minor Violence
K10+ Suitable for animals aged 10–14. Contains none-to-low violence and soft swearing like "crap" "dumbass" etc. Violence
R14+ Suitable for animals 14-18. Contains low-to-high violence, sophisticated swearing, and a bit of nudity and gore. Violence and Swearing
R18+ Suitable for animals aged 18 and up. Contains almost the same as R14, but the gore, violence, swearing, and nudity levels are 100% Gore




Banned These games are banned from Animalia. Same as R18+

TV and Movies

Rating Description Meaning
A Suitable for everyone, including preschoolers. All
NK-6 Suitable for animals aged 6 and up. May contain a bit of violence. Not recommended for kids under 6
NK-9 Suitable for animals aged 9/10/11 and up. Contains none-to-low violence and some mild scenes. Not recommended for kids under 9
R-14 See R14+ on the Games section Restricted 14+
R-16 Only for animals aged 16 and up; contains almost the same as R18+ on the Games section. Restricted 16+
R-20 See R-16 Restricted 20+
B Blocked from TV and cinemas. Blocked
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