When she was 14 her parents divorced and she choose her mom beacuse her dad was a sociopath, she made the right choice. Or maybe not?

Her Mom got a new bf soon after and she didn't like him at all.

He would always stare at her saying "Hey Who Are You?" in a creepy smile, she also staired at her especially when her back was turned to him.

One night her door lock was broken, she thought that her Stepdad did it! She waited untill sunrise untill she heard her Stepdad passing by, she claims that he was pretending to pass by and go doing something...

Another day she cooked on the microwave a slice of pizza but later her stepdad screamed "FIRE!!!". She freaked out and ran downstairs and saw her Stepdad with a Fire Extinguisher trying to extinguish the flames, then she explained that she cook the pizza there earlier but her mom did not believe her!

But she started to wonder, was her imagination or part of her stepdad's EVIL plan? Who knows!

One time she listened to their conversation. Her stepdad sayd that him and her mom wanted to go on a trip to South America. But her mom denied and explained that she needed to take care of Annie but then James took an execuse and sayd that she was arelady grown up to stay alone!

James wants Julian to love him more than Annie every day!

When she showed her report card she screamed "WHY CAN'T YOU BE SMARTER?" but Annie yelled back "I HATE SCHOOL AND I HATE YOU!!!!!!"

And she noticed that she was more and more tired everyday (her mom) and later she found out that Oxicodone is an addictive drug. So her stepdad was making Julian more tired!

One morning Annie woke up and saw her wardrobe OPEN, but how could that happen? She makes sure they're always closed and locked. But when she looked inside one of her underwears was wrinkled had she put as an used one or her stepdad had done something to it? She broke down, she thinks she had a panic attack. "How did he get into my room? What he was trying to do to me?" She sayd crying

She couldn't take it anymore and went to the police and told everything about it

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