Aourine Ashleigh Erinsborough (4th December, 1991-15th March, 2005), better known by her stage name Aourine Esthers was a Kuboian rapper, singer and television personality. Although her mainstream career only lasted two years, she is widely celebrated as one of the most influential teenage musical artists, as well as one of the most celebrated Kuboian icons of all-time.

During her lifetime, she released one studio album, Aourine Esthers, in 2003, which has sold over 10 million copies worldwide. She has also had five number-one singles on the Kuboia, which include "Spinning Round", "Shining Down", "Knock Me Back", "Here I Come" and "A Better Life".

Aourine struglled during her lifetime with peer pressure and being manipulated by her family. On 15th March, 2005, she took her life by hanging herself in her room, at the age of 13 years old.

Early life

Aourine was born on 4th December, 1991 as the third child of Kathleen Erinsborough and the only child of Tennet Esthers. Aourine spent the first two years of her life living with her parents and two maternal half-brothers Xia and Tyh. After her parents seperated, she moved into a Jetkeep with her father.

Personal life

In 2002, Aourine revealed that she had high-functioning autism.

Aourine's relationship with her family has been scrutinised. When her brother Tyh was interviewed in 2019, he claimed that their mother, Kathleen, showed little interest in them, and would manipulate Aourine so she could advantage of her high-profile status and money.

Aourine was in a "friends with benefits" relationship with Fyp Fraser at the time of her death. Shortly after her death, her father revealed she was planning on proposing to Fyp on his thirteenth birthday.


Studio albums


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