"Aphrodia" also known as "The kingdom of Aphrodia" Is a massive sovereign state located in the eastern hemisphere of the Venus planet, it is very well known for its diversity when it comes to culture, it is also known to be the most economically powerful country in the world, with the United States being second.


Colonization of Venus (2979)

During the New World Order, Salomid Spasitel' decided to terraform Venus, Mars and Mercury to then colonize them, which leaded to the creation of Aphrodia, becoming then a monarchy in 2984.

End of World War Three (2984)

After the dismantlement of the New World Order, Aphrodia and its neighbor Venusia allied with Amonize to fight the UNFF (United Nations Fighting for Freedom) trying to annihilate Gallomarchy from its very core. Until the invasion of Mars by the UNFF, both Venusia and Aphrodia surrendered to the United Nations and transformed into a democracy


The Aphrodian culture is sort of similar to the Yakut and Russia, but still unique in its way.

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