Apple Wood (known as Fantasy Zone in international regions) is a Kuboian children's educational Kantasy television series aimed at children aged six and under. Produced by Red Grape Studios, the show reuses the characters of the 1995 television series Ouraine.

A total of thirteen episodes were produced for the show - the show premiered on KT in 1999 as part of its short-lived Big New Adventures! block. The show was continuously reran on KT until 2008, with reruns currently airing on Kantasia since August 2019.


Apple Wood Nursery is a day care centre for young children with busy parents. The main day care centre is run by the popular, slapstick Mr. Goodtoo. Inside the day care are a set of potions which, when thrown onto the floor, open up a door to a world called Fantasy Zone, a place where anything normally impossible and/or impractical can happen. Due to Fantasy Zone's unpredictable nature, the children keep its existence secret from their parents.

One of the day care's most recurring attendees is the imaginative and adventurous eight year-old Ouraine. Her curious nature is often what gets her and her friends in trouble, but is often the one to save the day in the end. Other attendees to the day care include Ouraine's friends Suzie, Kayin, Fyu and Xya, her love interest Pip, and her preteen auntie and uncle Zaria and Astro.


Main characters

  • Ouraine - The show's main protagonist, an eight year-old with a large imagination. She shows the most interest in Fantasy Zone, but sometimes gets too excited when exploring it. However, she always undoes her mistakes, and is always there to save the day when one of her friends is in trouble. She is voiced by Anita Federate.
  • Zaria - Ouraine's ten-year old auntie. She is voiced by Bryn Gelashvili.
  • Astro - Ouraine's ten-year old uncle, and Zaria's twin brother. He is voiced by Franklin Omisore.
  • Pip - One of Ouraine's best friends, who she has a crush on. He occasionally gets angry at Ouraine's impulsive behaviour, but otherwise cares a lot for her. He is voiced by Kayzie Atoun.
  • Suzie - One of Ouraine's best friends, an English-speaking and flirty girly girl. She is voiced by Bryn Gelashvili.
  • Xya - One of Ouraine's best friends, who is athletic and hyperactive. He is voiced by Bryn Gelashvili.
  • Kaylin - An attendee of the day care who is very loyal, but also regularly sarcastic. She is the only black character on the show. Kaylin is voiced by Franklin Omisore.

Supporting cast

  • Mr. Goodtoo - The owner of Apple Wood Nursery. He is voiced by Tone Riddles.
  • Fyu - An attendee of the day care who, whilst often coming off as a sneaky and shady character, is a generally friendly and organised person. He is voiced by Drew Duncan.
  • Mr. Amon - Ouraine's personal support assistant.
  • Sniffy - Ouraine's puppy, a beige-coloured beagle.


Series 1 (1997)

# Episode title Original air date
1 "The Three Doors" 18th September, 1999
Testing out Mr. Goodtoo's brand new potions, Ouraine, Suzie and Xya enter three different doors leading them to different areas in Fantasy Zone. Meanwhile, the three are also wondering what to get Pip for his birthday, which happens to be today.
2 "The Grand Castle" 25th September, 1999
Ouraine, Suzie, Xya and Pip travel to Topaz Kingdom, which has been taken over by the evil Manic Rat. Manic and his henchmen suddenly attack the kingdom, and kidnap Pip in the process. The remaining three children get help from a wizard to rescue their friend and dethrone Manic Rat.
3 "The Endless Staircase" 2nd October, 1999
Ouraine and her friends go to The Infinity Tower, where they end up running up a staircase which never ends. Eventually, Zaria and Astro discover that they are dealing with an impossible staircase.
4 "The Space Race" 9th October, 1999
Taking a trip to Fantasy Galaxy, Ouraine and Kaylin befriend a green alien, who is determined to win the Galaxy Pod Grand Prix. The winning prize is a lifetime supply of pizza!
5 "The Golden Pyramid" 16th October, 1999
On an extremely hot day, Ouraine, Suzie, Kaylin and Pip visit Fantasy Zone, where they discover a golden pyramid. The pyramid's residents help the group to find their way back when they get lost.
6 "The Enchanted Forest" 23rd October, 1999
7 "The Runaway Mouse" 30th October, 1999
8 "The Fantasy Express" 6th November, 1999
9 "The Deep Blue Cavern" 13th November, 1999
10 "The Pet Contest" 20th November, 1999
11 "The Frantic Funhouse" 27th November, 1999
12 "The Buried Treasure" 4th December, 1999
13 "The Milky Way" 11th December, 1999



Apple Wood was allegedly one of KT's most popular programmes during its initial run in the late 1990s.

Critical reception

Open Eagle gave the show a 9 out of 10, praising the exceptionally high quality animation and the charming personalities seen in the characters. They later ranked the show #7 in their Top 100 Greatest Kids Show list in 2015.

Common Sense Media were less positive in their review of the show, stating that the show has too many cliches to be enjoyed by a non-Kuboian audience.

As of April 2019, the show has a normalised rating of 7.4 out of 10 on IMDb.

International broadcast



  • Magic Kids (1999-2006)


  • YTV Jr. (1999-2002)
  • Teletoon (2001-2007)
  • Teletoon Retro (2009-2011, 2014-2015)


  • CCTV-14 (2003-present)

Central and Eastern Europe

  • Minimax (1999-2004)
  • Fox Kids Play (2003-2005)
  • Jetix Play (2005-2010)

El Kadsre


  • France 5 (1999-2008)


  • Kindernet (1999-2003)

United Arab Emirates

  • e-Junior (2001-present)

United Kingdom

  • CBBC (1999-2002)
  • CBeebies (2004-2005)

United States

  • PBS Kids (1999-2005)
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