Yangkey Corbin Tersi (born April 5, 1974), known by his stage name Arban Feng, is a Pansauran rapper known for his hit songs "The Rap Buddha" and "Teh Wine Bottle". He is known to be called the "Buddhist Eminem".


He is a Buddhist, born in Lhakpa in Soma root. He began rapping in 1990 and entered the Kurahjs Rapping Contest, winning a recording contract from EKM Pansaura.

In the 2000's, he rapped the theme song for the Geratizou Pansauran dub of What's With Andy? and also dubbed the narrator in the PTV2 Geratizou Pansauran dub of the Crayon Shin-chan episode "The Story of Shinocchio".

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