Established in 1979, Argosy Entertainment specializes in distributing its products in VHS and DVD in high-quality format. In 1984, they created their infamous "Blast-o-Vision" magnetic tapes, which are tailor-made to avoid damage by old VCRs and little kids. They were also the first distributors of the "Smart Set" library of educational tapes and they were the first company to put "Mirage in LaGuardia" on DVD. In 2000, they created their now-famous "Blast-o-Vision" DVDs that have a transparent layer that protects the DVD from DVD players that don't work as they should, scratches and little kids. As of 2000, APHV still distributes its movies, but it also distributes Lionsgate, f Films, Cannon, MGM, Columbia, Paramount, Sony, Blake, Tittle Studios, Oval Pictures, Shy Guy Pictures, Colour Cookie Pictures, and TriStar films as well. The company has been renamed several times. When it was established, it was named Argosy Pictures Home Videa. In 1981, it was renamed Argosy Pictures Home Video. In 2000, it got renamed once again to Argosy Pictures Entertainment. And in 2008, it was renamed to simply Argosy Entertainment. On September 12, 2012, Argosy announced the new name will be Argosy Digital Center.


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