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Arizona's Backyard (formerly known as TechEruo's Blazing Acres from 1995-1999) and Blazing Acres (2000) is an amusement and water park & casino complex in Flagstaff, Arizona owned by Carwardine Parks.



Construction started in August of 1993.


The park opened in May of 1995.


Nick Central replaced Crash Canyon and PBS Kids Neighborhood replaced Blazing Funland in 2003.

Cancelled Proposal: Rugrats Thrills from the Crib

Crash Canyon was originally planned to be rethemed to Rugrats as "Rugrats: Thrills from the Crib" entirely in 2003, with Wooden Warrior becoming Angelicoaster and being repainted pink and the area now occupied by LazyTown SkyChasers would be used as a full-scale replica of the Pickles' house. The retheme was cancelled due to the declining popularity of the show and the idea was replaced with Nick Central. Some 2002 maps advertised the cancelled new land with a logo saying "Coming Soon" above it being placed above Wooden Warrior/Bikini Bottom Raceway on the map.


  • Arizona's Highway
  • Route 65½
  • Thrillzopolis
  • Kids Kountry (formerly Blazing Funland from 1995-2003 and PBS Kids Neighborhood from 2003-2007)
  • Nick Central (formerly Crash Canyon from 1995-2003)

Current rides & attractions

Roller coasters

  • Arizona Eagle (2003; an Intamin Prefabricated Wooden Coaster; partial clone of Balder at Liseburg; formerly known as "Zoom Machine" from 2003-2007) [Kids Kountry]
  • Barney's Stu-Pendous Coaster (2003; a Zamperla Spinning Wild Mouse, repainted in 2020) [Kids Kountry]
  • Dongwa's Alley Run (2019; a Golden Horse/Vekoma Asia ZXC-4D Super Spinning Coaster) [Kids Kountry]
  • Double Dash Dueler (2004; a coaster based on Mario Kart: Double Dash) [Thrillzopolis]
  • LazyTown SkyChasers (2005; a Intamin MotorBike Coaster and the prototype for the model; previously part of Nick Central before being annexed into Thrillzopolis in 2011 due to Nick no longer holding the broadcasting rights to the show) [Thrillzopolis]
  • Maggie Simpson's Adventure (2022; a Zierer Force Zero)
  • Rainbow Brite's Star Chase (2003; a Vekoma Junior Flying Dutchman) [Thrillzopolis]
  • Redwall: Slagar's Challenge (2003; a Intamin Mega Coaster) [Kids Kountry]
  • Rugrats: Runaway Reptar (2003; a Vekoma SFC, near-exact clone of the Dreamworld version of the attraction which is now known as Escape from Madagascar, but with a transfer track) [Nick Central]
  • Sagwa's Rickshaw Run (1995; a Schwarzkopf Silverarrow Coaster; formerly known as "Blazing Arrow" from 1995-2003, previously toured on the German fair circuit as "Zapper") [Kids Kountry]
  • Skyway (2014; a Vekoma Stingray) [Thrillzopolis]
  • SpongeBob SquarePants Bikini Bottom Raceway (1995; a RCCA Wooden Coaster; formerly known as "Wooden Warrior" from 1995-2003, retracked by GCI in 2019) [Nick Central]
  • WarioWare Kart (2016; an S&S High-Thrill, formerly Ring Racer at the Nürburgring) [Route 65½]
  • Watership Down: But First, They Must Catch You! (1995; a Galdón Looping Coaster; formerly known as "Human Bullet" from 1995-2001) [Thrillzopolis]

Flat rides

  • Carwardine's River Rapids Ride (2000; Hafema River Rapids)
  • Detective Pikachu: Mystery in Lavender Town (2021; An interactive dark ride)
  • Dragon (1995; Huss Pirate Ship ride)
  • Drop da Bass (2015; a Intamin Giant Drop Tower, formerly Hellevator/Superman: Tower of Power at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom and Le Tomber du Ciel at La Cité Incroyable)

Kiddie rides

  • City Trollies (2003; a MSC Vintage Car Circuit with trollies; formerly known as "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Trollies" from 2003-2007) [Kids Kountry]
  • Dragon Tales: Fly High! (2003; a Zamperla Flying Tigers with dragons) [Kids Kountry]

Desert Splash Waterpark

  • Catapult (2006; A ProSlide Rocket "Carwardine Model", last of the three original Carwardine Models to use conveyor belts instead of LIM launches, although the last hill used an LIM launch instead of a conveyor to test it's reliability in comparison)
  • King Cobra (2013; a Polin King Cobra slide)

Arizona's Desert Sky Casino

A Casino located in a building inside the park near Arizona Eagle, you must be 21 or older to enter, this is one of the three smoking zones of the park. The casino, while on the park's property, is actually owned by a joint-venture of the Navajo Nation and Carwardine Parks.


  • On August 1, 2006, four people received minor injuries and a 15-year old girl from Tucson, Arizona had her left leg severed when a train of Double Dash Dueler collided into a backup train that had accidentally been positioned into the station. After the incident, all Double Dash Dueler rides across the chain received heavy modifications to avoid this incident from happening again.
  • On August 2, 2008, Sagwa's Rickshaw Run partially derailed during a test run, due to it being a test run, no one was injured, it was thought to have been a translation issue in the manual during it's conversion from German to English and the poor translation used literally by the maintenance crew. The ride reopened on August 31st, and switched to new rickshaw-inspired Gerstlauer trains the next year.