The People's Republic of Arkistan is a socialist communist republic in central Asia that was part of USSR, but after the 1991 collapse, Arkistan gained his independance and had a recovered quickly thanks to China resulting a strong economy.

The capital city of Arkistan is Gorod Baliq, it was founded in 958 AD, the founder was a nomad.

In 1925 the King Ivanov IV was forced to abdicate due to the hostilities of the people (which were supported and supplied by the People's Communisty Party of Arkistan).

In 1936 Arkistan became officialy part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

During the World War 2, in 1942 Arkistan sended their troops in the battlefield of the east of USSR to defend Russia land, but in 1943 the Red Army pushed back the Wermacht (thanks to the help of each republics and betters vehicles and weapons).

In 1945 some Arkistanian troops entered Berlin and fought to the end the Wermacht until they surrendered and then USSR and the Allies decided to occupy territories of Germany ( Saxony was a territory that was given to Arkistan ).

In the cold war era ( 1947-1991 ) Arkistan governement built a research center for nuclear missiles and also a complex in the east of Arkistan that served as a spy training center but half of the spy training center had to be abandonned due to lack of funds.

In 1991 the governement declared that USSR had collapsed due to a economical crisis and the president of Arkistan ( Dmitry Petrov ) visited China to get the help of the Chinese governement to avoid a economical crisis.


Most of the industry in Arkistan mostly used to build millitary vehicles and weapons in the 1920's.

Since 1902, the Larki Motors Company is the most popular vehicle manufacturer in term of reliablity and sales, being the leader in it's home market, Europe, Asia and El Kadsre.

The founder of L.M.C was a weapon manufacturer before the 1900's and were the most used in Eastern Europe and Asia by the 1910's.


Before 1925, Arkistan was part of Russia along Kazakhstan, Kirgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Baltic countries, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan, meaning they were under the Tsardom of Russia (House of Romanov), meaning they were monarchists, in 1925 Arkistan immediatly joined as the Arkistan Socialist Republic.

Since the collapse of Soviet Union in 1991, they became independant but the people wanted to keep the communism in the country.

Since now the country is less communist and more socialist.


Most of the country have influence of Russian Orthodoxy and Islam like it's neighbors, during the Soviet era most of the country abandonned religious beliefs.

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