The ANCN is the very first and oldest National Network of Arkistan since 1935 (but in WW2 this network purpose was to show soviet propaganda against Germany). since 1945, they became a broadcast for news, propaganda and soviet cartoons.

In 1975 they got under the ownership of the dictator Vladimir Popov just like others nationals networks and others companies.

Since 1991 they stopped to broadcast the old soviet propaganda but they still kept the communist ideology, following the even of 1991, 10 years later in 2001 some terrorists attacked the studios of ANCN but the national police forces killed the terrorists before they could kill anyone, nobody was killed because they failed to kill people with the bombs.


  • 1935-1945: Independent
  • 1945-1976: Vladimir Popov
  • 1976-1991: State-owned
  • 1991–present: Independent


  • In 1984, a talibant attempted to bomb a studio in the south west of Arkistan of ANCN but the local police arrested him before he could detonate the bomb.
  • ANCN was created by Lenin himself.
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