Not to be confused with anything else on the internet of the same name.

ArleneTV is a 2009 American sitcom that stars Dakota Fanning as the main character of the same name. It's set in Los Angeles at PCA, making it the direct sequel of Zoey 101, but Jamie Lynn Spears continues to appear on this series. Production started in August 2008.

In 2012, the series starred female future singer Billie Eilish.


Daniel Hernandez (professionally 6ix9ine) notably makes his acting debut here.

  • Dakota Fanning as Arlene, the main character
  • Jamie Lynn Spears as Zoey Brooks
    • Paul Butcher as Dustin
  • Nayer Delgado as Natalie
  • Kyle Alcazar as Justin
  • Daniel Hernandez as Daniel
  • Tori Kelly as Angelica
  • Ashley Frangipane as Halsey (which was later used as the singer's name)
  • Debby Ryan as Samantha
  • Billie Eilish as Bessia
  • Alexis Jordan as Alexis
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