Arltiaga Yubriteu (Birth name: Nu'ma el-Quadri) is an independent Kadersaryinan politician and an entrepreneur. She was also a Kadersaryinan candidate for the 2020 Kadersaryinan general election as an independent, which she's one of the 50 candidates that doesn't support Jaskalist beliefs. She's one of the leading figures of the UBI caucus in the Kadersaryinan Islands. Since she won the 2020 Kadersaryinan general election, not only she's the current prime minister of Kadersaryina, she's the first prime minister that was an independent Kadersaryinan politician ever since the collapse of the UKF in 1991.

Political views

She's one of the only independent politician that supports a UBI, supports the decrease the value-added tax percentage to 20%, supports fighting against the left-wing, moderate, and right-wing establishment, supports a human-centered capitalism, she promotes the beliefs of Neohumanism to the people, warns against automation taking over jobs, and etc. She supports the reforms of globalization and wants it to be more inclusive to the people. She supports Universal basic services and Universal Basic Means of Production.

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