ArrowStar (formerly known as MCI ArrowStar from 2001-2005) is a U.S. direct broadcast satellite broadcasting company formed in 1991 by a joint-venture of NTT, SES United States LLC, and Bell Atlantic, who were collectively referred to as ArrowStar Partners L.P. by the company. ArrowStar was a major competitor to PrimeStar, Dish Network and DirecTV during the 1990s. It broadcasts on the Ku band and Ka band from three communications satellites: ArrowStar 1 at 105.3°W, ArrowStar 2 at 108.8°W; and ArrowStar 3 at 112.5°W. The service also supplements its subscribers with home antennae to receive local broadcast television stations (e.g., ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox).

ArrowStar was founded in New York City but is now based in the Telecom Corridor of Richardson, Texas and incorporated in Delaware. It's broadcast centers are in Richardson and Grapevine, Texas, and ArrowStar has call centers in Dallas, New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Washington, D.C., El Kadsre City, Toronto and Milwaukee.


ArrowStar was originally headquartered in New York City, New York but moved to the Dallas inner suburb of Richardson, Texas in 1998.

In 2001, ArrowStar Partners L.P. was sold to MCI Inc. for US$5 million, and ArrowStar was renamed MCI ArrowStar. In 2005, MCI sold ArrowStar to Mediacom for "around US$500,000".

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