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Arturi is the Albanian dub of Arthur. The CINAR seasons aired in 2009-2011 on Bang Bang. After a long hiatus, the 9 Story and Oasis seasons began to air on the same channel in 2014. The series is dubbed by "Jess" Discographic.

Only select episodes of the CINAR seasons were dubbed, and those that were were confirmed to be taken from the Greek VCD releases of the STAR/Alter Channel dub. Meanwhile, the 9 Story and Oasis seasons use the official instrumentals, possibly taken from an alternate audio track from streaming copies.

Known (credited) voices

  • Eni Jani - Arthur (CINAR seasons)
  • Esmeralda "Cubi" Metka - Arthur (9 Story and Oasis seasons)
  • Erisa Nuku - D.W.
  • Gëzim Rudi - Arthur's Dad
  • Julka Gramo - Arthur's Mom
  • Lisa Kujofsa - Buster
  • Sheri Mita - The Brain (CINAR seasons)
  • Naun Shundi - The Brain (9 Story and Oasis seasons)
  • Robert Ndrenika - Mr. Ratburn


  • Like most of "Jess" Discographic's other dubs, this dub is unlicensed, given in the CINAR seasons' dub by the cheap-sounding backing track and out-of-place sound effects.