Angelique Maverick (b. 2nd October, 1970), known professionally as Ashley Maverick, is a Dutch-born Kuboian animator, illustrator, actress, voice actress, singer, television personality and author. Of both Dutch and German heritage, she has been credited as one of the people who helped Kuboia create its own culture and identity. She is often credited as the creator of the Kantasy animation style and genre.

She is known for her longtime work with GeneBox Animation and for creating the premise for shows such as The Incredible World of Riddles, Greenwood Forest and Magma Eye.

Early life

Angelique Maverick was born on 2nd October, 1970 to a German father and Dutch mother in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She is the oldest of three children and has two younger sisters; Juliet and Marina. Angelique and her family originally lived in Rotterdam in the Netherlands until her parents divorced in 1979. Afterwards, Angelique's mother moved her and her sisters to Jaillage, East Kuboia, as it was cheap to live there.

Since Kuboia had no official school system at the time, Angelique was homeschooled, and would go around doing one-off jobs in her street in order to make money. During her free time, she studied animation.

Personal life

Marriage to Quu Tidals

From 2001 to 2006, Angelique was married to fellow voice actor Quu Tidals. Their marriage faced heavy criticism due to their sixteen-year age gap, as well as Quu only being fourteen years old at the time of their wedding. The couple were forced to divorce in January 2006, following new laws in Kuboia.

Views on modern animation

In 2012, it was reported that Angelique was angry with the growing prominence of computer animation over traditional animation. In a 2014 interview, she stated that computer animation is "the lazy, less creative way of making cartoons".

Other ventures


Angelique was a string supporter for the Kuboian Independence Movement. Before her career, she and her sisters took part in a campaign to explain the benefits of Kuboia becoming its own country.

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