The 'assassination of King Kenjirou's family' (Japanese: 鉱山国の山内健次郎王様の家族の暗殺; Hepburn: 'Kōzan-koku no Yamauchi Kenjirō Ō-sama no Kazoku no Ansatsu') took place on April 21, 1982 as the first of two attempts by the Soviet Union to overthrow the Minecraftian monarchy and turn the country into a communist republic as a satellite state of the Soviet Union. As a result, this led to the Minecraftian Revolution.

This was the first time a regicide occurred in the Minecraftian Royal Family, before the second one occurred in October of the following year. This was the deadliest attack to hit Western Minecraftia at that time before the 2002 Rockton Attacks by SPASDOT in December 2002.

King Kenjirou, alongside all three of his issue, were shot to death by the spy. They were cremated and buried at a special mausoleum in Rockton, which eventually became a Shinto shrine. His cousin, Prince Soujirou, succeeded him as king, who went on to become the revolutionary leader during the revolution.

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