On Sunday, August 1, 1954, at 11:52 AM UTC+11 (TST), politician and president of the Tseng Republic, Pierre Huang-li, was fatally shot outside the Hotel Marin in Tseng City while giving a speech.

The perpetrator, Johan Lee, was a communist, and a member of the Tongzi Wing, a radical militant sector of the People's Democratic Party (PDP). Lee believed that Huang-li was becoming a dictator (despite Huang-li only winning two elections), and he wanted to stop that.


Pierre Huang-li

On July 24, 1954, Pierre Huang-li won the election and was re-elected for a third term. This angered many leftists. In the days before the assassination, Huang-li was the subject of many attempts, such as vandalism and the bombing of the Presidential House, the bombing of the Tseng City Stock Exchange, and the burning of the NPP headquarters.


Johan Lee heard about a speech Huang-li would give on August 1. He booked into the Hotel Marin, room 568, on July 29. The receptionist noted he looked "nervous like something was going to happen." Lee dressed as a businessman, carrying a briefcase (that contained the Makarov pistol he was going to use to kill Huang-li).

Huang-li and the crowds arrived at 10:30am, August 1 however Huang-li didn't talk until 11. Lee loaded the Makarov and prepared himself to shoot.

At 11:50 Lee cut a hole through the curtain to let him see. As Huang-li was still speaking, three consecutive shots occured. The first shot instantly killed Lan Han-ming, a bodyguard. The second shot fatally hit Huang-li in the chest. The third shot went into the crowd and injured some people. Quickly, bodyguards and his wife, Natalie Auvergne, carried the president to an ambulance nearby, but he was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Wuqiao Hospital.


Lee ran out of his room on the 5th floor and down the stairs (the elevator was being constructed) of the Hotel Marin. He was spotted by a lobby boy as Lee was at the 3rd floor, and seeing that Lee still had his pistol, called the authorities. Lee attempted to strangle the boy but was caught and sentenced to death at Safong Island Prison, the highest-level prison in Tseng. Lee died after getting into a fight with another prisoner.

A funeral procession was held from August 3-8, 1954. The cars drove across the country, starting at Callentown and ending at Tseng City. A three-day mourning period was declared by Yong Ming-chun after the procession.

The TBS (then called the IPBC) was broadcasting the speech live at the time of the assassination. At the sign-off that night, chairman Lawrence Kuo ordered the news airing of August 1, 1954 to be destroyed. With the footage gone, there is no recording of the assassination. This has led to some conspiracy theories saying that Huang-li never died. Photographic evidence is denied as fake.

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