Asterisk is a country between Jetania and Grakorea.


The country's origins date back to 1958. A Jetanian-German group called Oxfern retreated from their countries after crime incidents in Jetania and Germany going on since 1955. They formed the island and the members had children with each other to populate the country. Two of the Oxfernian members are still alive today.


  • Asterisk is not exactly in a continent but rather inbetween Eruope.
  • Asterisk has been part of the Eruopean Union since 2003.
  • Asterisk uses Jetanian English.
  • Asterisk uses German, but uses different words for certain things; instead of "Pomme frites", they use "Pomme khips"
  • The television advertisments in Asterisk vary. Most premium channels use them every 10 minuites, whilst many of the free-to-air channels only air them inbetween shows.
  • Asterisk has almost identical school holidays to Jetania. The only difference being are the bank holidays and inservice days.
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