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AstroWorld (formerly Six Flags AstroWorld from 1975 to 2005) is a seasonally operated theme park located in Houston, Texas. Owned and operated by Carwardine Parks, it is located on approximately 57 acres (23 ha) of land, which was later expanded to over 75 acres (30 ha) between Kirby Drive and Fannin Avenue, directly south of Loop 610 in Houston. Part of the "AstroWorld Resort" (formerly "Six Flags Houston") complex, the park also includes Carwardine's WaterWorld Houston (formerly Six Flags WaterWorld), a water park that is adjacent to the main park.


The park opened on June 1, 1968, and was originally developed and constructed as part of the Astrodomain, the brainchild of local philanthropist and former Houston mayor Judge Roy Hofheinz, who intended it to complement The Astrodome.

AstroWorld was sold to the Six Flags Corporation by the Hofheinz family in 1975. Although it was the fourth theme park to be included in the Six Flags family, it was the first to be acquired by that company rather than built from the ground up. Initially, it was marketed as "AstroWorld: A Member of the Six Flags Family" so as to not confuse patrons with Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington.

In 2005, this park was sold from Six Flags to Carwardine Parks.

In 2006, Redwall: Escape from Malkariss was added to the park, becoming the tallest coaster in the Houston area.

In 2016, Texas Tornado returned to the park as "Rainbow Flash: Texas Tornado 2", instead of having bulky OTSRs, it would get new trains from Premier Rides with comfort collers.

In 2018, Boogeyman was added and the park celebrated its 50th anniversary.



Roller coasters

  • Aero Dynamic (1999; a Vekoma SLC, formerly known as "Serial Thriller" [1999-2005], got the new Vekoma Vest Restraints in 2019 for it's 20th anniversary)
  • Boogeyman (2018; a Golden Horse/Vekoma Asia KSC-24B Broken Rail Coaster, unlike the other tilting coasters, the cars have 6 per row instead of 2 or 4, making it technically a wing coaster)
  • Maggie Simpson's Adventure (2022; a Zamperela Family Gravity Coaster)
  • Rainbow Flash: Texas Tornado 2 (2016; an Anton Schwarzkopf steel coaster; formerly known as Thriller at Gröna Lund, Taz's Texas Tornado and Texas Tornado in it's 1998-2000 tenure at AstroWorld, Zonga at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, and Tsunami at the Feria Nacional de San Marcos; retained it's rainbow color from it's tenure as Tsunami as part of it's new theming for it's return to AstroWorld, originally had VR until 2017)
  • Redwall: Escape from Malkariss (2006; a Intamin Mega Coaster, replaced the old location of the AstroWay for the lift hill, and the rest of the ride is designed cleverly to use unused land that was never used and to place the aging Tidal Wave ride which died in popularity due to the resurgence of log flumes [Bamboo Chutes] and WaterWorld being free with admission)
  • The Secret of NIMH: The Ride (2005; a Zierer NIMH Clone)
  • Shockwave (1993; an Intamin/B&M Floorless Coaster; formerly a stand up coaster and formerly known as "Batman: The Escape" [1993-2005], several track adjustments and catwalk modifications had to be made to fit the new trains from B&M, which were installed in 2018)
  • Texas Cyclone (1976; a wooden roller coaster, entirely retracked by GCI in 2016 for the 40th anniversary with new wood being constructed by RMC on several of the sections where the track goes under the other track.)
  • Toad Patrol: Toad Hollow Tumbler (1989; a Anton Schwarzkopf Looping Star, formerly known as "Viper" until the end of the 2007 season, several track adjustments and catwalk modifications had to be made to fit the new GCI Flyer cars and the new special effects)
  • Ultra Twister (1990; a TOGO Ultra Twister; new Huss-TechEruo UT-Replace trains replaced the original TOGO ones in 2008 to raise the capacity; was partially re-tracked by S&S Sansei in 2011; before the retrack, it was less popular and the queues had to be shortened as a result)
  • XLR-8 (1984; An Arrow Dynamics suspended coaster, repainted in 2004 and again in 2014, it's currently red and whitish gray, to tie in with it's 30th anniversary)

Flat rides

  • Astro Eye (2007; A 200 foot tall Ferris wheel)
  • Bamboo Chutes
  • Carwardine River Rapids (1980/2006; An Intamin River Rapids Ride, heavily refurbished by Intamin in 2006)

Kiddie rides

All kiddie rides are located in the Kids Kountry section

  • Care Bears Cloud Jumper (2006; A Zamperla Aero Top Jet ride)
  • Funshine Bear's Sunny Balloons (2006; A Zamperla Samba Tower ride)
  • Wish Bear's 40 Winks (2006; A Zamperla Mini Ferris Wheel ride)

Carwardine's WaterWorld Houston

Former Rides

  • Astroway (a Von Roll VR-101, demolished due to maintenance issues, gondolas relocated to a ski resort in Nevada to replace their aging fleet)
  • Greezed Lightnin' (1978-2017; a Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop, relocated to the staff parking area of Carwardine Corners, where it is still rotting today, although the trains and launch motor were sent to Carwardine Colony for Flash Forward recently)

Former Venues

  • Aquatic Stadium (TBA-2005; closed to make way for Kids Kountry)


  • Carvel Ice Cream
  • Cinnabon
  • Lee's Sandwiches
  • Subway