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Fox Heart Radio LLC (traded as Ataphe or Fox Radio) was an El Kadsre based radio broadcasting company and record label owned by Fox Corporation. It was established in 1992 as a holding company for the media assets of Atari Apple. It was headquartered in The Ataphe Grand (now The Fox Radio Network Grand) in El Kadsre City, El Kadsre. The company owned multiple pop radio stations including Heart 107.5 and Ataphe 89.8 (now owned by Fox Radio Network). The company was in talks with El TV Kadsre subsidiary El TV Kadsre Radio Network to be spun off and merged into a new company, until parent Fox Corporation decided to merge the company with Fox News Radio to create Fox Radio Network. With the remaining unsold assets of Ataphe being put into a subsidiary called Ataphe Liquidation Co.

In 1997, the company was taken over by a group of investors, the Atari Apple name is used under license from Atari Apple. The company formerly held the rights to many famous artist's songs including Bobby Brown, Shakira and Drake.

In 1999, to seperate it's brand from Atari Apple, the company was renamed Ataphe (pronounced At-aff-ee) with this fresh rebrand the company started to host events and sponsor sports, this was not possible before due to it's license with Atari Apple restricting the use of the name in sponsorships.

In 2015, the company acquired former partner subsidiary Atari Apple Micnora and soon sold it to Alphabet, Inc. due to financial troubles

In 2018 the company closed down it's record label operations due to them no longer being profitable, the company still distributes and licenses the music that it owns but it no longer accepts new songs. In January 2021 the company sold 75% if its internal record library to RCA Records for $5 Billion. In June 2021 Ataphe sold the rest of it's record library to Warner Records.

In 2019 the company was purchased by Fox Corporation and was made a subsidiary. The company used to broadcast live news on Ataphe News 108.9 but this station was closed and replaced by Fox-Ataphe Live, Which would soon be liquidated due to low listener numbers and sold to Hits FM. After this acquisition, Ataphe's international operations started trading as Fox Radio FM.

In 2021 Fox announced in their annual report that Ataphe was unprofitable, Fox had two options to maintain the survival of the company, they said that they were in discussions with El TV Kadsre Radio Network to spin-off Ataphe and merge the two companies into a new media company known as El Kadsre Media, El TV Kadsre Radio Network announced to the Micnora Weekly that the agreements and merger documents were not very far into fruition.

On July 18th 2021, due to the deal with El TV Kadsre Radio Network falling through, Fox Corp announced the liquidation of all non-radio assets of Ataphe including; the remaining record library (sold to Warner Records), Investment in Harvey Holdings, and part ownership of certain MGM films, which were given back. The rest of the assets are being managed by Ataphe Liquidation Co.