Athuraike (Athuraikean: Aðæfʊrœikse) (Fargaerisan: Ajreføýntæ) (Kaizolfietan: Abslóvi'irsa) (Jawnuisaki: Aulíɔreiɛksulay) (Chrexiumbhurstian: Aʊeabœyøkʏe) is an Arctic transcontinental country that is in the Arctic circle and are in North America and Europe which it's also an island country on the Islands of Athurike. Athuraike's government is a Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic and they're also a Bolivarian Republic.


During the Ice age, many tribes came to the area which is now called Islands of Athurike. Their were no civilizations on the Islands of Athurike since it's extremely cold in the Arctic. In 850 AD, they were colonized by the vikings and the Normans. Anglo Saxons didn't like the idea of Imperialism so Anglo Saxon aided Athuraikean Rebels in 975 AD which made the Normans and Vikings really mad and Kievan Rus' back-stabbed the Vikings and Normans.

In 1945, Athuraike got independence with Fargaerisa, Kaizolfiet, Jawnuisak and Chrexiumbhurstia from Denmark after World War II. Athuraike with Fargaerisa, Kaizolfiet, Jawnuisak and Chrexiumbhurstia were extremely Republicanist. In 1970, Athuraike, Fargaerisa, Kaizolfiet, Jawnuisak and Chrexiumbhurstia united under a Bolivarian government.

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