Augusto Rick Rañin (born April 8, 1961) is a Filipino motoring journalist, television personality, and voice actor. He is signed to GSTV Artists Center. He is a host of Top Gear Philippines.

List of his acts as voice actor

  • Futurama (Tagalog dub): Bender
  • King of the Hill (Tagalog dub): Dale Gribble
  • Danny Phantom (first GSTV Tagalog dub): Vlad Masters/Plasmius
  • Redwall (Tagalog dub): Foremole
  • Silverwing (Tagalog dub): Goth
  • Big Hero 6: the Series (Tagalog dub): Baymax, Mini-max
  • Go Jetters (GSTV/Netflix Philippines Tagalog dub): Grandmaster Glitch
  • Uncle Grandpa (Tagalog dub): Mr. Gus
  • Total Drama Island (Tagalog dub): Harold
  • Total Drama Action (Tagalog dub): Harold
  • Total Drama World Tour (Tagalog dub): Harold
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