Awesome Super Tales is an El Kadsreian sci-fi tokusatsu anthology series produced by Toei Company and El TV Kadsre Television and it was part of the Technic Heroes franchise. It was aired from 2012 to present as a follow up to the previous five anthology series Fantastic Journies, Superaction!, Beyond Explorers, Forces of Creative and Big Refreshment. The show spawned many spin-offs such as Gyloxobor (2013-2015), Galxodomo (2013-2016), Juslomtal (2014-present), Squadralalo (2014-2015), Tiloamoder (2015-present), Huderolo (2015-2016), Robotman vs. Technic Heroes (2016-present), Lifebogorots (2016-present) and Uncreatobots (2017-present).

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