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Not to be confused with Azaristan.

    Azara (/əzɑˈrʌ/) (Azaran: Atçaunt) is a North American island country located beside of the El Kadsreian Islands. It's the most futuristic country in the world, due to its name, population, freeways, GDP, HDI index, and the number of skyscrapers, including their heights.


Republic of Azara: 89 AD-1945

North and South Azara: 1945-September 9, 1975

After World War II and being invaded, the country caused split into two nations, North and South Azara. North Azara became a republic and South Azara became a commonwealth.

Modern Azara: September 9, 1975-present

It became reunified after North and South Azara merged together during the invasion after the war from 6 years.



Azara has 15 provinces: 8 in the north and 7 in the south.



The country's commercial television networks are ATN (originated from North Azara), QBT, and PTV4 (originated from South Azara).

Film companies are: Azara Pictures (national), CityFilms, etc.


The population of the country has more than 100 billion people, making it the most populous country in the world, and also the most populous with green people, as it grew rapidly since 1995.


Azara climatethindivisionsoriginalsize small (1) (2) (2).png

Azara has some fictional climates, mostly mediterranean-like and ultra-arid.


  • Due to its name, it has a larger female population than male (of any age).
  • The entire population of this country is left-handed to write.
  • August is the rarest birth month in this country while it's the most common one for the rest of the world.
  • Azara has the most multilingual people in the world which even dozens of people in Azara can speak 100 - 250 languages in their lifetime. Only 2 people beat that record with one speaking 300 - 450 languages in his lifetime while the other one speaking 500 - 1000 languages in her lifetime.
  • The country has no crime nor regulation nor paying attention concentration, and listening.
  • The country has every language, including endangered and extinct languages.
  • The country is COVID-19 free.




  • The school week is from Monday to Friday.



  • The coast mostly resembles California, while the interior mostly resembles the Atacama.
  • The largest and deepest lake is Lake Azara.
  • It has the hottest and driest place in the world called the Azara Desert.



  • Azara's cars drive on the right, similar to the United States.
  • Azara has its own plug socket, which is Type P.
  • Azara's official (and national) web browsers are AzaraWeb (primary) and SparPage (secondary).
  • Azara has two operating systems called Azara OS (most popular, national, official, and primary, and Windows' Azaran equivalent), and UE-OS (secondary and macOS' Azaran equivalent).
  • Azara's two largest mobile phone companies are Atcom (short for Azara Telecommunications), Cingular, and FairyTel.