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the Balen Industriche Moteral is a Grasslandic multinational automaker headquartered in Buiesos, Grassland. It was founded by John Balen and was founded on the 24th of May 1946. The company sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under the BIM brand and most luxury cars under the Seba brand.


BIM's roots trace back to in 1903 when John Balen's grandfather, George Balen made the first ever car in Grassland, The Kairt. The car started taking over the horses in Grassland City. By 1905 it took over half of the country. In 1906 Balen established Grasslandic Motors with its headquarters being a little garage in the middle of the city 200 metres from the current headquarters. The company made more cars and they also spread across the country. By 1910 it became the biggest corporation in the whole of Grassland.

Other car companies were made to compete but none came close to beating it. The closest car company to beating it was called the Northern Motor Company. In 1924 George Balen died and ownership was passed over to Robert Balen, John Balen's father. Robert Balen hired more workers and built the new headquarters. He made the new car and acquired some car companies. In 1939 Robert Balen passed ownership to John Balen, the person that would later be the founder and CEO of BIM. In 1941 budget was cutting because of the war and Balen decided he would merge with the Northern Motor Company. If the war ended earlier, the merger would happen in mid to late 1942 but because it didn't end, it was postponed until 1946. On the 7th of May 1946, Grasslandic Motors and the Northern Motor Company merged to become BIM. At first it wasn't called that but it was called Grasslandic - Northern Motors. In 1947 it was renamed to Balen Industrial Motors and it made its first car, the 1947 BIM Prime. This car was a great success getting 500,000 drivers in a month.