BJ and Wally is an American daily comic strip created by Geo G. of Gingo Animation, which currently owns the series. Debuted in August 1996, it follows the bizarre adventures of BJ, a green-haired boy, and Wally, a tall, skinny teenager. BJ and Wally interact with each other and their friends in their world.

Main characters

BJ Wilson

The main character. BJ is a sarcastic, wise-cracking, self-absorbed, intelligent, arrogant, and somewhat bossy 11-year-old boy. He wears large, circle-shaped glasses and has a lack of nose (along with his family) but was able to smell. According to Geo G, BJ's full name was named after English rock drummer B. J. Wilson.

Wally Wilson

BJ's adaptive brother and best friend. He is a clumsy, empathetic, but smart, skinny boy who lost his family on a plane crash and is willing to trust and befriend anyone.

Alan Wilson

BJ's bigger brother. He is aged 20.

Janet Wilson

The caring mother of BJ, Wally, and Alan. Her husband is never seen or mentioned; therefore it is deductible that they are either divorced or he is deceased.

Other characters

  • Nina — BJ's girlfriend.
  • Jimmy and Jane — A wacky, dim-witted couple who often mess around in their house.
  • Cal — A scientist and inventor.
  • Dr. Pockgins — A doctor.

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Recurring gags and storylines

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# Title Publication Date Dates Covered
1 BJ and Wally September 1, 1997 1996–1997
2 The Mysterious Thingy! May 2, 1998 1997–1998
3 When My Life Gets Even Better and Better and Better? September 1, 1999 1998–1999
4 Flying Dreams April 5, 2000 1999–2000
5 Race to the End, Dummy! May 1, 2001 2000–2001
6 Unstuffed August 31, 2002 2001–2002
7 Where's Food? I Want Food Please! September 2, 2003 2002–2003
8 Don't Ask for the Sugar March 1, 2004 2003–2004
9 BJ and Wally Hit the Chicken Shack May 1, 2005 2004–2005
10 Don't Give Me That Look or I'll Eat Your Cookies September 29, 2005 2005
11 They Kiss Monkeys, Don't They? September 1, 2006 2005–2006
12 Good or Bad Childhood Flashbacks May 1, 2007 2006–2007
13 Polar Bear Freak November 3, 2008 2007–2008
14 Game of Bubble October 17, 2009 2008–2009
15 The Egg Guy is Real! May 1, 2010 2009–2010
16 Eight Crazy Days April 10, 2011 2010–2011
17 A Date with Mine April 3, 2012 2011–2012


Title Publication Date Books Contained
A Super Binary of BJ and Wally April 1, 1999 BJ and Wally and The Mysterious Thingy!
More BJ and Wally?! September 12, 2000 When My Life Gets Even Better and Better and Better? and Flying Dreams
Another Wonderful Book of BJ and Wally December 1, 2002 Race to the End, Dummy! and Unstuffed
BJ and Wally's Randomness September 1, 2004 Where's Food? I Want Food Please! and Don't Ask for the Sugar
Pizza n' Burger Eater March 1, 2006 BJ and Wally Hit the Chicken Shack and Don't Give Me That Look or I'll Eat Your Cookies
The Best of BJ and Wally from 1996 to 2006: Celebrating 10 Years Since We Saw Those Guys for the First Time September 1, 2007 Selected Strips
Good Ol' Alan: The Best of Alan Wilson March 2, 2009 Selected Strips
Lemonade Just Got Orange Juice November 3, 2012 None; All new material
The BJ Castle November 1, 2013 None; All new material
Spoilers Alive! November 4, 2014 None; All new material
Shame on You... and Your Talent Show November 2, 2015 None; All new material
A Night Apocalypse November 8, 2016 None; All new material
When Cute Gets the Ugly November 7, 2017 None; All new material
Whatever Happened to Nina Whatsherface? November 6, 2018 None; All new material


With the comic's popularity, many merchandise was spawned, such as books (as shown above), plush toys, clothes, accessories, key chains, and calendars as well.

Other media


On May 1, 2004, 15-second animated shorts produced by Gingo Animation began airing on the syndicated Gingo Lineup block. Billy West and Jason Marsden provide the voices of BJ and Wally, alongside voices from Phil LaMarr, Grey DeLisle, Hynden Walch, and Kevin Michael Richardson.


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Video games

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