BTV Video was a home media company headquartered in El Kadsre City. It was folded into El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment in 1998.


In 1983, Banushen created their own home video division as a joint venture with Viva, Inc. Before that, Banushen Television titles were distributed by Viva Video.

A year later, the joint venture ended and shortly after that, it was renamed to Banushen Video.[1] In 1990, it was renamed to BTV Video.

When the Matsushita family regained ownership of El TV Kadsre Television Network in 1996. It was made into a division of El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment but was folded two years later.[2] Banushen titles are now both distributed by El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment and PPE Entertainment.


  1. Banushen-Viva Video went defunct in December 1984. The final Banushen-Viva titles had the Banushen Video print logo on the spine.
  2. Their final titles were disturbed by El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment.
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