Baby Alive: The Movie, also known as Baby Life and Baby Death: Island Getaway is a 2006 Sallyish-Irish-Amedisan feature film, based on Baby Alive. It served as inspiration for the Jeff Kinney book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway. It was filmed on an island off the coast of Salasoa. Production started in 2002.


  • In the Miami Spanish dub, whenever Alive, Dead, Bit slow or Bibs fall, sound effects from Killer Minecraft can be heard.
  • The resort's name is Coral Cove Island Resort.
  • The 1985/1986/early 1987 Nickelodeon top-of-the-hour ident is referenced when Alive sees a structure with searchlights and the year “2006” on the top and she says “Do what you want, do what you want” and pretends to cry.
    • When Nickelodeon US premiered the movie on December 10, 2006, the picture squished to the right side and the 1986 top-of-the-hour ident appeared squished to the left side. “20 Years Earlier” was displayed when the searchlight structure with 1986 on it appeared.
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