Back Stage was a British-American television sitcom that aired on Fox from 2001 to 2008. The show was produced by Kanik Kaeaz.


The show is about John Saleon, who is in his 30s throughout the show. He works at Xavier’s Store, a store who was founded by a man named Xavier in 1977. John often calls 911 saying that he is in a terrible place. The person who is on the other end if the phone usually says “How many times do I have to tell you, America is not prison”. A running gag was used throughout Season 8 where the person on the other end of the phone would be anyone other than a police officer. In the final episode, the police came to his house to arrest John for making “stupid calls for over 7 years”.

Main Characters

  • John Saleon
  • Jacob Kalsin-John’s only friend. Jacob often supports John, but is also a shoplifter. In the last episode of Season 7, Jacob was arrested for shoplifting.
  • Xavier Broke-John’s boss. He was in his 70s throughout the series. He runs his own store, but nobody pays attention, which explains why he’s broke.
  • Harry Saleon-John’s child. He grew up throughout the series. He was 12 in Season 8. He is well known due to his rude behaviour.


  • In the episode “Universes”, Back Stage had a crossover with Suckman College.
  • In the Sallyish dub, The episode “The Recreation Story” was banned due to the use of the world ending. However, SBC4 started airing the episode in 2009.
  • In the YinYangian and Sallyish dubs, all swear words are censored, which means that censored bars are used between 12-21 times per episode.
  • The Christmas Special episode from 2004 has the most swear words, with 125 being used. However, due to MENA Censorship, the episode was aired in the Middle East and Asia, but the number of swear words were reduced to 54.
  • Kanik Kaeaz had planned to end the episode after Season 4, but the number of seasons had been increased to 8.
  • An extra season is planned to air in 2018, where the show is about his 9 years in prison.
  • Many items that have been mentioned or seen in the show are parodies of other products (for example, the Lokia company is a parody of Nokia).
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