The Baconhairland TV Broadcasting Rating System (BTGRS) is a system of ratings in Baconhairland.

The rating is shown on the top-right corner on the TV that shows the rating. It was first introduced in 2003.


In 2002, Baconhairland was thinking of a rating board, so they adapted one. In Late 2002-Early 2003, the HQ was built, and they started thinking of what ratings they should add. On August 18, 2003, They introduced the ratings, and they were first shown on the screen with a template, some networks used their own introduction of the ratings. By 2004 all of the networks in Baconhairland were using the BTRS.


  • A show must have a TV Rating or they will get a fine of 5,000 Bacon Dollars.
  • The rating must appear at the beginning of a program, and if they have commercial breaks, it has to appear after each commercial break.
  • Shows rated 13, 16, 18, X18, AO 21 and AO 25 have to have a viewer discretion on the beginning of each program, and after each program break, any show rated PG has to have one if it has 2 or more Content descriptors.

TV Airings

Name Meaning May Contain: Description Example Airing Times
NR Not rated None Used for News and Sports programs. News 24 hours
Babies Suitable for Babies None Any show with this rating is suitable for everyone, but mainly targeted towards infants. Farmees 24 hours
Toddlers Suitable for Toddlers None Any show with this rating is suitable for everyone, but it's targeted towards toddlers. TBA 24 hours
Preschoolers Suitable for Preschoolers None Any show with this rating is suitable for everyone, but it's targeted towards Preschoolers Thomas and Friends 24 hours
General Suitable for Everyone
  • Very little or no language
  • Very little violence
Rugrats 24 hours
6 Suitable for Anyone 6 years and up
  • Mild Language
  • Mild Violence
  • Very little or no sexual refrences
SpongeBob SquarePants 24 hours
Parental Guidance Suitable for everyone, but does not need parental guidance when 10 years and up
  • Very little Moderate language
  • Mild Violence
  • Mild sexual refrences
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 24 hours (currently,) 16:00-6:00 (prior to 2007)
13 Suitable for anyone 13 years and up
  • Moderate Language
  • Very little Strong Language
  • Moderate Violence
  • Very Little Horror
  • Drugs
  • Moderate sexual refrences
  • Innuendo
Rick and Morty 17:00-6:00
16 Suitable for anyone 16 and up
  • Strong Language
  • Very little Very Strong Language
  • Strong Horror
  • Strong Violence
  • Strong sexual refrences
  • Strong Innuendo
Super Mario Logan (uncensored version) 19:00-6:00
18 Suitable for anyone 18 and up
  • Very Strong Language
  • Very little Graphic Language
  • Very Strong Violence
  • Very Strong Horror
  • Very little Pornagraphy
  • Very Strong Innuendo
  • Very Strong sexual refrences
Kidnap 21:00-6:00
AO 18 Adults only
  • Graphic Language
  • Very little Strong Graphic Language
  • Moderate Pornagraphy
  • Graphic Horror
  • Graphic Innuendo
  • Graphic sexual refrences
TBA 0:00-6:00
BC (Banned Content) Banned from any broadcast. None Noobian programs None

Content descriptors

Name Meaning Description
D Dialogue
L Language
S Suggestive Themes
V Violence
P Pornography
PT Paranormal Themes
R Romance

Game Ratings

Symbol Name Meaning Description Example
0 Suitable for infants and newborn They are educational programs that include spelling games, number games and early math games. Bacon Jr.’s spelling class
3 Suitable for Toddlers Preschoolers and Toddlers can play these games. Boots’ Adventure
7 Recommended

For ages 7 and up

These are online games or games that need parental guidance Team Polar Bear
13 Recommended

for ages 13 and up

Games with Moderate Language, Mild Sexual References and Moderate Violence Tankery

(Online Game)

16 Not Intended for Children High amount of Violence, Moderate Sexual References and Mild Pornography Kick the ODer (16+)
18 Recommended

for 18 and up

Contains almost the same as R21 Call of Bacon
R21 Ages 21 and up only They contain Graphic Horror, Graphic Pornography, Extreme Sexual References and Extreme Violence None

Film Ratings

Symbol Name Meaning Description Example
Universal (Preschoolers) Suitable for Preschoolers
Universal Suitable for Everyone
Parental Guidance Parent Guidance needed for anyone under 10
13 Suitable for anyone 13 and up
16 Suitable for anyone 16 and up
R18 Suitable for anyone 18 and up
X Adults only
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