Baetekh Fabahnakhar is the current prime minister of Jahydifaef. This is also the first LGBTQ+ prime minister of Jahydifaef due to them being transgender. This is also an activist for women's rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and freedom in Jahydifaef.

Political positions

They decriminalized abortions, suicides, LGBTQ+ practices (you're allowed to be transgender at age 14, having third gender options, assign a gender at birth, and etc. homosexual relationships, civil unions, and gay marriages are allowed, and other LGBTQ+ practices.), gambling, alcohol, drugs except for the more dangerous ones. They granted the rights for citizens to keep and bear arms, self-defense, sexuality, food, water and sanitation, an adequate standard of living, and etc. They extended women's rights, established LGBTQ+ rights, gun ownership rights, and etc. They brought the voting age down from 25 to 16, brought down the age requirement to become prime minister from 25 to 18, brought down the age of consent from 21 to 14, brought down the age of majority from 18 to 12 for men and 16 to 10 for women, for age of maturity, it was brought down from 25 to 15 for men and 21 to 12 for women.

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