Baidu America is the English version of the so-called Chinese Google called Baidu. American Baidu is known for being blocked in China, with a "English" Chinese server that unblocks it for English people.

First experience


The search when you first enter

You will first enter Then, once they search and they don't have a account (plus it's their first time), it will give a ad for Signing up to the English Baidu and save everything you searched, so you can search stuff you already searched. Otherwise, it will not save anything, because it needs account cookies to do that but the user won't let them do that.

Account experience


The signup page plus what it looks like when a logged in user's at the homepage.

The homepage will have top sites and the same as before to start a new search.

It also provide service links, which are not provided in the picture (left).

Baidu-made redirections

This is a list of websites that their link will redirect you to Baidu's version with BIDU USA.

  • Wikipedia
  • Uncyclopedia
  • Wikia (all subdomains also redirect to the subdomain of
  • YouTube
  • Google (not much of a redirect, link does nothing)
  • Baidu encyclopedia

    Baidu's version of Wikipedia.

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