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Baku Productions Ltd. (Cantonese: 八苦卡通有限公司 Jyutping: baat3 fu2 kaa1 tung1 jau5 haan6 gung1 si1) is a Hong Kong independent animation studio founded by Jeremy Pang in May 2002. The studio is known for its Flash animated films and shorts, as well as its animations made with GoAnimate/Vyond and Plotagon.


Baku Productions was founded in Prince Edward, Kowloon by Jeremy Pang on May 11, 2002. By mid-May 2002, they started developing and producing Flash animated shorts and films.

On May 20, 2002, Baku's CGI and visual effects division Baku Digital was founded by former Industrial Light & Magic and Pixar employees Logan Phillips and Robert Hines. Then in June 1, the studio's record label Baku Records was founded by longtime music producer Troy Tam.

Sometime in June 2008, Baku started creating animations made with GoAnimate (now known as Vyond). Then in late 2012, the studio started to produce Plotagon animations, with their first one being The First Path.