Bali's Kingdom is a French-Italian-Kuboian traditionally animated children's television series produced by Italian studio The Animation Band and Kuboian studio Traditoon, with the participation of Canal J, France•tv, the MEDIA Programme of the European Union, and the Centre National du Cinéma et De L'Image Animée.

Created by Devin Clayton, Kyn Righters and Rain Winton, the show is based off the Kingdom of Bali series of books published in the 1990s. The series premiered in France on TF1 on 22nd October, 2017, and premiered in Kuboia on Vision One on 2nd March, 2018.

Bali's Kingdom takes place in the fictional kingdom of the same name. The citizens of the kingdom want to discover the truth about the legend of Bali. A few people claim to know about the secrets of the kingdom, but a few corrupt and selfish beings are trying to take advantage of this. The show has received a significant cult following, with a large amount of theories about the show being created online.


Centuries ago, a small kingdom were living a peaceful life until they were struck by a plague. The plague was demolishing the kingdom until a mysterious figure, by the name of Bali, saved them all. To honour him, the kingdom was named after him.

However, the above statement is all that is known. It is not known what caused the plague, what the plague was, who Bali was, and what heroic deed he did. Demand for the truth has severely increased, and some of the civilians in the kingdom claim to know the truth, but there are others who also want to exploit the rumours for their own benefit.


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Critical reception

Bali's Kingdom has been favourably received, mainly being met with mixed with positive reviews. The show currently holds a 74% on IMDb.

In a positive review, The New York Times wrote "Bali's Kingdom is a fun programme to watch, even if you are an adult. It is packed with easter eggs, it never runs dry with its humour, and there is such a variety of characters, there is something for almost everybody."

Zara Dawson gave the show a 10 out of 10 in an informal review.

Keith-James Ringtone gave the show a mixed review, mentioning how the setting for the show is "chaotic" and "all over the place". He also mentioned how the show's antagonists, mainly Chuck and Shriekball, have cliché personalities. Ringtone, however, appreciated how the series took a risky approach.

International broadcasts

Country Channel Premiere
France TF1 22nd October, 2017
Italy Disney Channel 2017
Kuboia Vision One 2nd March, 2018
Floweria Mini Kidzone 2018
Gau 18Kids 19nd March, 2018
Germany Disney Channel 2018
Island of Sally Disney Channel 15th June, 2018
Japan TV Tokyo
(as a segment of Drillimation Time)
4th April, 2018
El Kadsre BTV Me 4th April, 2018
Jetania Z Bop 2nd April, 2018
Latin America Disney XD 28th June, 2018
Mexico Imagen Televisión 5th December, 2017
Netherlands Disney Channel 2017
Philippines Nickelodeon 4th August, 2018
GSTV 12th August, 2019
United Kingdom Disney Channel 31st March, 2018
Pop 16th June, 2018
United States Nickelodeon 20th May, 2018

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