Banushen Media Corporation is an El Kadsreian media company, founded in 1979 and owned by the Matsushita family.


It was founded in 1979 by Tara Matsushita and Paul Friswell after El TV Kadsre Television Network was sold to the Vlokozu Union government. In 1981, BMC launched Banushen Television. Banushen titles were distributed by Viva Video. In 1983 it made a joint venture with Viva, Inc called Banushen-Viva Video and the joint venture was ended a year later and Banushen Video was formed.

When the Matsushita family regained ownership of El TV Kadsre Television Network, BTV Video was made into a division of El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment and lasted until 1998, when they merged BTV Video with PPE Entertainment, which was acquired by BMC in 1997 and PPE Pictures was formed shortly after. In 2014 BTV had a new sister channel named BTV Me.


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